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Code Vein - PS4/XB1/PC - Salvation or destruction (Japanese voice over story trailer)
Code Vein features both Japanese and English voice overs. Check out yesterday's trailer featuring the Japanese voice actors, and don't forget: Code Vein will release September 28!...
Date : 7 Juin 2018
The Rite of Champions Trailer
Celebrate your heroes with all-new content! From May 17th to May 31th, earn EXCLUSIVE rewards and play our NEW game mode! Honor yesterday's champions! See you on the battlefield!...
Date : 18 Mai 2018
Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday Launch Trailer
Agents of Yesterday recruits Star Trek Online captains to become temporal agents and save the future by protecting the past. Players will create a captain from Star Trek: The Original Series and...
Date : 16 Février 2017
I am Setsuna Teaser Trailer
Bringing back the RPGs of yesterday....
Date : 26 Avril 2016