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SimCity Social | More City Less Ville
The Sims Social brings the fun and creativity of The Sims to Facebook. Create unique Sims and live out their dreams - or stir up trouble by...
Date : 27 Juillet 2012
The Sims Social - Arch Enemies
Watch as Parker and Bruce go from Friends to Arch Enemies....
Date : 27 Mars 2012
The Sims Social | Play with Frenemies
Play with Frenemies on The Sims Social on Facebook!...
Date : 27 Mars 2012
Sims Social farmer
Somewhere there's a farmer exploring his social side. Play with friends, not farm animals. Introducing the Sims Social. A new game on Facebook....
Date : 27 Mars 2012
The Sims Social | Launch Trailer
Are you ready to 'Go Prone' with Battlefield 3?...
Date : 27 Mars 2012
Sims Social City
Somewhere there are millions of cities, that will never built. Play with friends, not the same old city. Introducing The Sims Social. Play now on...
Date : 27 Mars 2012