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RISK: The Game of Global Domination - Launch Trailer
Lead your troops to victory on Nintendo Switch!...
Date : 2 Novembre 2018
Tokyo Ghoul RE : Call to Exist - PS4/PC - The Biter's Bit
Every day on the streets of Tokyo, Ghouls and Investigators risk their lives fighting each other....
Date : 19 Octobre 2018
Location Hunting (Developer Inspiration Trips) – Final Fantasy XV
Showcasing the detailed research and risky endeavours performed by the expert development team of FINAL FANTASY XV, this video goes deeper into the heart of the creation process. There is no way...
Date : 17 Octobre 2015
Saint Seiya - Sanctuary Battle - PS3 - Gold Saints: Enemies or heroes?
They are twelve and they are the mightiest among Athena's Saints. Each of them defends a Temple at the risk of their lives....
Date : 27 Mars 2012