Liste des trophées de Draw Slasher sur PlayStation Vita

Fiche de Draw Slasher 
Total : 13 trophées ( 315 points )
      dont 8 cachés
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36th Chamber (90 points)

Master all Challenges

1st Chamber (30 points)

Obtain at least one flame in all basic Challenges

Shadow Warrior (30 points)

Complete Story Mode

The Cleaner (30 points)

Kill 5000 Pirate Monkey Zombies™

Bamboo Ranger (15 points)

Kill Stomper in Story Mode

Grilled Bear (15 points)

Play all Arcade Modes

High Noon (15 points)

Kill Gunslinger in Story Mode

Minefield (15 points)

Kill Hangman in Story Mode

Monkey Spider (15 points)

Kill Octo in Story Mode

No Remorse (15 points)

Play as Samurai

Spooky Keeper (15 points)

Kill Phantom in Story Mode

Way of the Ninja (15 points)

Kill Demon Samurai in Story Mode

Way of the Samurai (15 points)

Do not kill Demon Samurai in Story Mode